June 10th at Tsunami's, Arcata

1. Bloody Mary [fades in]
2. Carousel
3. Whip It [DEVO cover]
4. Egg
5. Goosebumps
6. Snap, Crackle, Pop
7. Waltz For Grandma's Sake
8. Nicotina
9. For No Reason
10. Definition Of Shapes
11. New Sensation / Devil Inside / Need You Tonight [INXS covers, fades in]
12. Walkin' In Circles
13. Cottage Cheese
14. Welcome To The Jungle [Guns N' Roses cover]
15. Hi!
16. Freight Train
17. Incoherence

Notes: Again, only recordings of a couple GDILA songs.
Pretty good soundboard, vocals a bit quiet. A-

EKRs: Bloody Mary, Egg, Goosebumps, Snap Crackle Pop, Waltz For Grandma's Sake,
New Sensation / Devil Inside / Need You Tonight, Welcome To The Jungle

Goddammit I Love America!!!! demo released this year.