December 12th at Topper's 856 Club, Eureka

1. [jam]
2. Methematics [early version]
3. For No Reason
4. Nicotina
5. Evil Satan
6. Jumping
7. Carousel [cuts in]
8. Fart In A Bag
9. Walkin' In Circles
10. PFFT You Were Gone [Buck Owens cover, snippet]
11. Hypocrites
12. No Strings Attached
13. You Can't Make Me Mad
14. Incoherence
15. Cottage Cheese
16. Freight Train
17. ( )
18. Hi!
19. [unknown]
20. Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life [Monty Python cover]
21. Follow The Yellow Brick Road [Judy Garland cover, acapella]
22. Definition Of Shapes

Notes: Only live recordings of a good bunch of these.
Cymbals are quite loud, just overall lo-fi. C+

EKRs: All of them

Raging Wrath demo released this year.